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Fearless Wines Tour

Discover Fearless Wines

Thank you for expressing your interest in Fearless Wines, a partner of Fantesca Estate & Winery. Private Appointments made with Fearless Wines include tastings of Rosé, Chenin Blanc, & Rouge. Fearless Wines appointments are hosted at Fantesca Estate & Winery. You may follow the link below to view real-time availability and confirm your booking on Tock or learn more about Fearless Wines here.

Fearless Wines Tasting Experience

Sneak into the vineyards at Fantesca Estate & Winery and experience a private tour of the property where Fearless is crafted. If it’s a beautiful day we will sit out on the overlook which hangs over ten acres of vineyard. If it rains, we will hide out in the natural 300 foot cave hollowed out in the mountain side.