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Fortune Corkies®

A Fantesca Tradition

Making Napa wines together is a source of pride for our family. When we were first designing our bottle labels, our family grabbed a quick Chinese take-out dinner. We always read our fortune cookies aloud to each other because they’re such great conversation starters. As our daughter—now a winemaker for Fearless Wines—was reading hers, she asked “Why couldn’t we put a fortune on the corks? We could call them Fortune Corkies!” Thus a new tradition was born.

Since 2002, our Fortune Corkies® have generally reflected on wine, love, and following your dreams. Every year, we have a contest to select Fortune Corkies that display a short quotation.

We encourage you to partake in our fun tradition by submitting a quote below. Guests may submit up to three quotes, and all quotes submitted are considered for future selections. We encourage you to submit both original and popular quotes, but please be mindful about character count — quotes typically work best with 24 words or less!

A chosen quote provided by an active allocation member will receive a special edition wine sealed with their submitted Fortune Corkie.

Customize Your Quote